? Bridge to Asia: How to Send Your Books

Supporting Higher Education
in China and Southeast Asia

2 Easy Ways to Send Your Books


Ship or Drop-off

Please pack your books in a sturdy carton. Stack them like bricks at both ends of the carton, not on their spines, and fill remaining space with newspaper or small paperbacks. Please tape the carton securely, and label it Bridge to Asia (If you are sending multiple cartons, please mark them 1/X ... X/X.)

Books coming without boxes may be refused by staff at the docks in all locations, since space is donated. Please be considerate and try your best to limit the weight of each cartoon around 45 pounds.


For mailing rates, please see sidebar on the right.



Bridge to Asia
MEB Distributing

25014 Viking Street
Hayward, CA 94545-2704  

Drop-off location

1. Bay Area: East Bay/Hayward

Bridge to Asia
MEB Distributing

25014 Viking Street
Hayward, CA 94545-2704  

The Hayward facility accepts walk-in donations from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 to 12 am on Friday (except legal holidays).

2. Chicago Area location is closed

3. Southern California

This location is suspended until further notice.

Contact Us: Receive Acknowledgement and IRS Receipt

After you have sent or delivered your books, please notify us by email (nxliu@pacbell.net) or phone (415-678-2990), and we will mail you a letter of thanks and an IRS form for claiming your tax benefit.

Your out-of-pocket expenses (packing materials, shipping costs) are tax deductible together with the value of your books.

We appreciate the hard work of packing, lifting, and mailing books and magazines, and regret all the more that we cannot reimburse you for shipping or mailing costs.

Media Mail Rate


You are permitted to use MediaMail Rate, formerly known as Special Standard Mail. As of May 1, 2009, this rate is approximately US$19.38 per 50 pounds, for materials such as the following: "books (at least 8 pages),...printed music,
printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting
of medical information, and computer-readable media." (USPS Quick Service Guide 730-Package Services-Media Mail)

You may need to cite this regulation at your Post Office
if the clerk questions your use
of the rate. You can print an overview of the Media Mail Regulation from the USPS Web site.


For magazines containing advertisements, we recommmend UPS or FedEx Ground services.



Letter from a donor


"Yesterday, as I taped shut the last box of books from my library. I felt a tugging inside me and I wept. They were not tears of sadness, although I shall miss these old friends of mine. And they were not tears of joy, since there is little to be joyous about in the world today. They were tears that hope evokes—hope in knowing there are younger people with fresh ideas and the determination to make things better who will carry on."


Gordon F. Williams, M.D.